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Madeira: Offshore Business Sectors

Trade, Marketing and Distribution

This page was last updated on 10 Oct 2018.

Madeira has encouraged commercial activity and manufacturing, especially in high technology, taking advantage of its membership of the EU, by creating its International Business Centre, and particularly the Free Trade Zone which has been successful in attracting both EU and non-EU companies with trading interests across EU tariff borders.

Apart from low taxation, and exemption from customs duties, companies in the International Business Centre have access to certain types of EU grant or assistance. For a company importing or trading in physical goods in the EU, a Madeiran Holding Company can be combined with a base in the International Business Centre to give a very effective result. The island's inclusion in the EU's VAT regime is also helpful in many trading situations.

Along with other offshore jurisdictions, Madeira is a suitable place in which to base e-commerce services for retail or wholesale distribution of material or non-material goods: see Offshore-e-com.com for extended descriptions of how such businesses can take advantage of the combination of offshore and e-commerce.

See Offshore Legal and Tax Regimes for further details of taxation and fees payable by trading companies.



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