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Madeira: Country and Foreign Investment


This page was last updated on 30 June 2021.

During the quasi-fascist Salazar dictatorship, Madeira had little autonomy. Since 1976, however, Madeira has been an autonomous region of metropolitan Portugal with its own local parliament, legislature and elected officials who are responsible for all matters of government, excepting foreign affairs and international relations.

The Portuguese central government exercises control through a 'minister of the republic' who may be appointed and dismissed by the Portuguese president. The minister of the republic resides in Funchal, and, when regional Portuguese matters are discussed, represents Madeira at the forum known as the Council of Ministers. The government of Madeira is headed by a president who is appointed by the minister of the republic. Usually the leader of the party that wins the election is appointed president.

Madeira has enjoyed great political stability, with the same party (the Social Democrats or PSD) in power since 1976. Madeira is a civil law jurisdiction as its private law is derived from the Napoleonic code.



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