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Luxembourg: Types of Company

Société Anonyme (Joint Stock Company)

The Société Anonyme, abbreviated SA, or joint stock company, is formed under the Commercial Companies Law 1915, as amended. SAs must have a minimum capital of around EUR31,000 divided into freely transferable shares held by at least two shareholders, who may be resident or non-resident persons or juridical entities. The shareholders' liability is limited to the amount of their subscribed (not necessarily paid-up) capital. There is a Board of Directors (at least three), and day-to-day management may be delegated to a managing director.

Incorporation takes 2 or 3 days; the SA's statutes must be printed in French or German; a director must give his name, address and occupation. There must be registered office in Luxembourg, but only the share register need be kept there. Accounts need to be submitted annually to the Registrar of Companies, but need only be audited if a company exceeds a certain size: either the balance sheet is greater than EUR3.125m, or sales are greater than EUR6.25m, or there are more than 50 employees.



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