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Lithuania: Types Of Company

Branches and Representative Offices

Branches and Representative Offices exist, but do not have legal personality. The foreign corporation in question must be registered; the manager of the local office acquires the right to represent the Branch or Representative Office only upon its registration.

Documents needing to be filed with the Registrar, all of which must be notarised and legalised, include:

  • An application to register;
  • The “statute” or terms of operation of the Branch or Representative Office;
  • A document verifying the decision of the foreign company to establish the Branch or Representative Office and appointing the local manager;
  • A copy of the lease or other agreement under which the Branch or Representative Office occupies its premises;
  • Any licences that are required for the business to be undertaken;
  • Attestation to the payment of the registration fee;
  • Evidence of the opening of a bank account.



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