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Liechtenstein: Domestic Corporate Taxation

Net Worth Tax

(NB: Since the introduction of the Tax Act 2010 the Net Worth Tax no longer applies).

The net worth tax was levied on the share capital of a company (original capital plus subsequent increases) plus open and hidden reserves, in so far as these formed part of the company's net worth.

In this calculation, reserves might have for instance included retained earnings brought forward, provisions for income and capital taxes, disallowed inventory and depreciation reserves, and any other disclosed or undisclosed reserves; deductions might have included any current year loss, a net deficit brought foward, dividends in excess of the current year's net profit, and any capital increase in the current year. Other items might also have been involved depending on the circumstances.

The rate of net worth tax that applied to a resident company was 0.2% of taxable net worth.



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