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Liechtenstein: Country and Foreign Investment


The Principality of Liechtenstein nestles in the picturesque Rhine valley, between Switzerland and Austria and is surrounded by the Alps. There is a 35 km border with Austria and a 41 km border with Switzerland; total land area is 160sq km. The Principality is landlocked. The terrain is mountainous, with the Rhine Valley occupying the westernmost third of the country. The lowest point is Ruggeller Riet at 430m and the highest elevation is Grauspitz at 2,599m.

The climate is continental with frequent snow falls, cloudy conditions, rain and cold in winter and cool to reasonably warm, cloudy summers. Only 24% of the land is arable and there are no permanent crops grown. Sixteen percent of the land is permanent pasture and 35% is forest.

There are a number of international airports within driving distance: Zurich (1hr 30 min), Basle (2 hrs), Stuttgart (2 hrs 30 min) and Munich (2 hrs 30 min). The closest international airport is Altenrhein in Switzerland, 30 minutes away.



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