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Liberia: Offshore Business Sectors


This page was last updated on 9 November 2020.

There are no citizenship requirements for officers or seafarers but the registry's administration of seafarers' identity, qualifications and experience is extensive. Manning requirements are dependent on type, size and route of vessel. The Office of the Deputy Commissioner may grant temporary waivers from its operations centre in Virginia, USA.

The Seafarer's Department at the Liberian Registry certifies and documents officers and ratings that sail aboard Liberian registered ships. This department is responsible for issuing seafarer identification and record books, special qualification certificates and all officer certificates.

The seafarers’ electronic application (SEA) system is currently available to all filing agents on the LISCR (Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry). The system allows agents to transmit all applications for seafarer documents electronically through a secure e-commerce system. By using this electronic application system, agents will receive the documents requested in a matter of days, rather than weeks. Further benefits include cost savings to the owners/agents and a better way to manage applications sent for processing.



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