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Liberia: Offshore Business Sectors

Registration Fees and Charges

This page was last updated on 10 April 2021.

Where a ship is to be registered on transfer from a foreign flag or is a new build, both registration fees and the first year's Liberian tonnage taxes and annual fees are payable prior to registration.

Annual tonnage taxes are payable in full on 1 January of a given year. Fees and tonnage taxes are levied at two standard pricing options:

  • For ships of 14,000 or more net tons, tonnage taxes are USD0.10 per net ton, plus a flat annual fee of USD3,800 per vessel. There are separate fees for inspections and MIIPS contributions, to cover IMO dues and marine investigations.
  • For ships of less than 14,000 net tons, tonnage taxes are USD0.40 per net ton, plus MIIPS charges and a USD1,750 inspection fee.
In 2000, the Registry waived registration fees until further notice.



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