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Liberia: Types of Company

Registered Agent and Address of Record

This page was last updated on 10 April 2021.

Every non-resident entity formed or registered under the Liberian Associations Law is statutorily required to retain the  LISCR (Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry) Trust Company as registered agent in Liberia. The annual fees include the registered agent charges. The registered agent is available for the service of process in Liberia and forwards any mail addressed to a Liberian entity sent to its offices.

As well as public filing with the Minister of Foreign Affairs as registrar (undertaken by the registered agent), documents can be deposited with the registered agent. The registered agent then issues a certificate recording the information contained in the document deposited. At the time of writing, there is a US$200 fee payable to the registered agent. Model forms and instructions can be obtained from LISCR.

The default annual cost of maintaining a Liberian entity is $900 at the time of writing; this includes an annual registration tax of $150 and the registered agent's fee of $300. For limited partnerships and foreign maritime entities, the annual cost is $800 and for not-for-profit organisations it is $500.

Annual fees are due on the anniversary of formation, or registration in some cases. They are invoiced to the entity’s address of record as supplied to the registered agent at the time of incorporation.

The person requesting the formation of a Liberian entity is normally responsible for payment of the formation fee and in the registry's records will be the address of record (billing address) for the entity to which all future annual invoices will be posted, unless the address of record notifies LISCR of a change.

The address of record is regarded as confidential and is retained exclusively in the records of the LISCR Trust Company, as registered agent. The billing address is not available to any third parties. The address of record is used for mailing annual invoices, legal notices and other correspondence from the registered agent. The registered agent usually accepts instructions in respect of an entity only from the address of record. Service of process, if any is received by the registered agent on behalf of an entity, will be sent to the address of record.

LISCR provides practical assistance in all issues of filing and in the general management of Liberian entities, and, although it is not able to provide legal advice or opinions, maintains a list of lawyers licensed in Liberia and able to provide opinions in a timely fashion.



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