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Liberia: Offshore Business Sectors

Maritime Registry

This page was last updated on 10 April 2021.

Liberia's maritime programme opened its doors to the world's shipping community in 1948, and within 3 months the 29,000 dwt tanker World Peace, a large vessel by the standards of her day, had become the first Liberian ocean-going merchant vessel.

The Liberian shipping registry is the second largest in the world. Current figures state that over 3,200 vessels of more than 100 million gross tons are registered under the Liberian flag. Liberia's fleet consists of nearly every type of ship, with large concentrations of oil tankers, dry bulk carriers and container ships. The registry has considerable experience with special purpose vessels and large passenger ships. Owners come from more than 50 countries, with Germany, Greece, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, the UK and the USA figuring prominently.

The success of the Liberian registry is due to the high standards set and maintained over a long period of time. Liberia also offers one of the most convenient, efficient and tax effective offshore corporate registries in the world. The registry is operated by LISCR (the Liberian International Shipping and Corporate Registry), which has offices in the USA (Vienna near Washington and New York), Piraeus, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Monrovia, Zurich and Tokyo.

Liberia is signatory to the major international maritime conventions and works with the class societies to ensure full and fair compliance with international rules and codes. This has enabled the country to ensure continued compliance and safe operation of existing vessels under the Liberian flag.



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