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Liberia: Country and Foreign Investment

Entry and Residence

All persons entering Liberia must hold a visa (except ECOWAS citizens who require a valid passport or laissez passer only). Visas can be obtained prior to departure at Liberian Embassies and Consular Offices abroad, but can also be obtained at the Airport upon arrival in Liberia.

Within 48 hours of entry, a visitor must report to the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalisation (BIN) in order to register and to be given a Temporary Stay stamp. This stamp will allow a visitor to stay in Liberia for periods between 30-90 days. Where the visitor intends to stay in Liberia for a period in excess of 90 days, he/she must apply for a Resident Permit, the receipt of which is a condition precedent to an application for a work permit from the Ministry of Labour, should the visitor intend to work or engage in business while in Liberia.

In addition to a Resident Permit, a visitor who contemplates travelling in and out of Liberia, must also apply for a Re-entry Permit, which acts as a multiple entry visa, and allows unlimited trips to and from Liberia without additional cost or procedure.

Renewal of Resident Permits, Extension of Temporary Stay Stamps, and Re-entry Permits can be obtained through the purchase and submission of the appropriate standard forms to the BIN. There are charges and fees associated with these and other services, which were at the time of writing as follows:

  • 'Application for Temporary Stay' Form: USD131 (for US citizens) USD70 for non-US citizens and free for ECOWAS citizens;
  • Airport Visa Fee: USD150;
  • 'Application for Permit of Residence' form: USD20;
  • Visa fees for US citizens: USD200 (1 year); USD300 (2 years); USD400 (3 years);
  • Visa fees for non-US citizens: USD150 (1 year) USD250 (2 years)
  • ECOWAS citizens: Free
  • Exit tax on departure by land or sea: USD5;
  • Exit tax on departure by air, USD25 plus USD15 airport charge.



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