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Latvia: Types of Company

Joint Stock Company

The Joint Stock Company is a popular vehicle for larger companies looking to raise public capital. A minimum share capital of LVL25,000 is required, and must be fully paid up before registration. A Joint Stock Company is a public company, the stocks of which may be publicly tradable objects.

Accounts must be audited and filed with the authorities.

Documents needing to be filed with the Registrar include:

  • An application to register;
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • Notice from the bank regarding the payment of the stock capital;
  • Notarised specimen of signatures of the members of the Board of Directors, where relevant;
  • Notice of the Board of Directors of the company’s registered office;
  • Receipt confirming the state fee payment (LVL250) for recording the joint stock company in the Commercial Register;
  • Receipt confirming payment (LVL24) for the announcement in the official newspaper Latvijas Vestnesis.



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