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Labuan: Country and Foreign Investment


The island of Labuan lies off the north west coast of Borneo, 8km from the Malaysian state of Sabah and 123 km from Kota Kinabalu, the state capital.

Labuan has a central position in Southeast Asia, particularly in the ASEAN region, being 1,258 km from Manila, 3,037 km from Bangkok, 1,552 km from Kuala Lumpur, 1,368 km from Singapore and 1,500 km from Jakarta.

Covering an area of 92 sq. km, Labuan is roughly triangular in shape. Its fine and safe harbour has always made it popular with seafarers. It is from this that the island derives its name, Labuan, meaning "an anchorage" in Malay.

Most of the island is flat and undulating, the highest point being 85 m.

Labuan has no climatic disturbances to speak of. There are monsoons from April to June and September to December. Generally the island enjoys a healthy tropical climate. Its temperatures range from 24C to 34C.

The national carrier, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) operates daily direct flights to Labuan from Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. Royal Brunei Airlines also operates direct flights to Labuan.



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