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Labuan: Types of Company

Foreign Company

Companies incorporated outside Malaysia that do business in Malaysia are classed as Foreign Companies by the Companies Act. Before local establishment, a Foreign Company is required to deposit the following with the Companies Registry:

  1. A certified copy of its certificate of incorporation
  2. A certified copy of the charter, statutes, and/or articles of the company that define its constitution.
  3. A list of its directors and secretary
  4. A memorandum of appointment stating the names and addresses of two or more persons resident in Malaysia authorized to act legally and responsibly on the company's behalf

A Foreign Company is required to lodge with the ROC within two months of its AGM, a copy of its balance sheet made up to the end of its last financial year and supporting documents, if applicable. In addition, it must lodge an audited statement showing the assets used in and the liabilities arising out of its operations in Malaysia and an approved auditor's report which complies with the provisions of the Companies Act.



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