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Labuan: Types of Company

Branch of a Foreign Company

The registration of a foreign branch in Malaysia requires an application to be made to the ROC to approve the proposed name of the intended branch.

The foreign company's Memorandum and Articles of Association (duly translated in English if it is in a foreign language) and certain other prescribed documents relating specifically to the foreign company must be submitted together with the application.

Upon approval of the proposed name, the Memorandum of Appointment of Agent or Power of Attorney appointing at least one person residing in Malaysia as the local agent and other prescribed documents relating to the registration of a foreign branch must be lodged with the ROC.

On payment of a registration fee, which depends on the amount of the authorised share capital (converted to Ringgit Malaysia) of the foreign company, a Certificate of Registration of a Foreign Branch will be issued by the ROC. The registration fee payable is the same as the fee payable by a Malaysian company (see above). The certificate is conclusive evidence of the existence of the foreign branch. The registration of a foreign branch generally takes three to six weeks.



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