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Jersey: Offshore Business Sectors

Trade, Marketing and Distribution

For all the sophistication of its business environment and its convenient location alongside the vast EU market-place, Jersey's small size and limited resources mean that the island is not a suitable base for physical warehousing, processing or distribution. However it is used as a base for trading, marketing and distribution in the EU by a substantial number of companies. In the past investors very often used the lowly-taxed International Business Company format which permitted commercial activity on the island as long as transactions didn't involve Jersey residents, although this vehicle was abolished to new entrants with effect from January 1, 2006.

Along with other offshore jurisdictions, Jersey is a suitable place in which to base e-commerce services for retail or wholesale distribution of material or non-material goods: see Offshore-e-com.com for extended descriptions of how such businesses can take advantage of the combination of offshore and e-commerce.



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