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Jersey: Types of Company

Private Company Limited by Shares

Companies incorporated in Jersey are governed by the Companies Law 1991 which is based largely on the English 1948 Companies Act. Jersey companies are limited by shares; there are no forms comparable to those of English companies limited by guarantee or unlimited companies. A private company is any company that is not a public company.

Shelf companies are not available in Jersey; however the formation process is quick and inexpensive provided that a new company does not intend to carry on business on Jersey itself. There is an incorporation fee of GBP200 and an annual return fee of GBP150. A company must have a registered office in Jersey. Accounts need not be audited, but have to be filed with the Jersey revenue authorities.

A company wanting to do business as such on the island will need to provide a great deal of information to the authorities in order to obtain the necessary consents and licenses; in fact the authorities actively discourage new business activity in most cases in order to conserve scarce resources.



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