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Jersey: Country and Foreign Investment

Population, Language and Culture

The resident population in July, 2013 was an estimated 95,732. English and French are both official languages and used widely. In the country areas a Norman-French dialect is spoken. The capital, St Helier lies on the island's southern cape within one hour's flying time of London and Paris; there are frequent flights to a number of UK and Continental destinations.

Prior to the Norman Conquest the Channel Islands formed part of the territory belonging to the Duchy of Normandy. In 1204 when Normandy was freed from English rule the islands retained their allegiance to the King of England. Successive English monarchs have ruled the Islands through their claim to the Duchy of Normandy but have observed the Islands' established laws and customs. Royal charters have confirmed the independence of the Islands' judicial systems and administration, the right to tariff-free trade with England and freedom from English taxes.



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