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Jersey: E-Commerce


Jersey's economic policy encourages information technology operations, in line with the current strategy of business growth without population growth. Jersey has gone a long way towards putting the infrastructure in place for offshore e-commerce, investing millions of pounds a year in telecommunications to exploit its position as a low-tax centre for e-commerce. There are already a number of Internet Service Providers in Jersey, and clear interest is being shown in offshore e-commerce development.

Government policy towards e-commerce has however been hampered by the lack of a clear structure within which development could take place. The Jersey Information Society Commission, which was the focus of development work in 2000 and 2001, ceased to exist in early 2002. Work on e-commerce development then passed to the States' Industry and Commerce Committee before becoming the responsibility of the newly-created Technology, Media & Telecommunications Policy Unit, also known as the TMT Policy Unit in January 2003. The main aim of the unit is to develop comprehensive strategies for the development of the Island’s technology, media and telecommunications industries.

After what was described as a "very successful" strategy meeting in May 2004, the TMT Group committed itself to bringing forward a series of recommendations designed to more fully develop the opportunities offered by e-commerce. According to the TMT Group, the States' decision to adopt the Strategic Plan 2005-2010 was intended to provide a framework upon which policy can be developed in a cohesive manner, and this led to departments drafting new business plans outlining how each aims to deliver the tasks they have been allocated. The business plan for Economic Development included the development of an e-commerce strategy as one strand of its core objective of stimulating 2% per annum real growth in the local economy.

See below for specific information on e-commerce in Jersey, or go to Offshore-e-com.com for an extensive analysis of the commercial possibilities and the legal background.



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