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Isle of Man: Types of Company


The law of trusts is based on the English law and is governed by the following acts: the Trustee Act 1961 as amended; the Variation of Trusts Act 1961; the Perpetuities and Accumulations Act 1961; the Trusts Act 1995; and the Purpose Trusts Act 1996. The Trusts Act 1995 establishes that both for Manx trusts and for foreign trusts migrating to the island, Manx law is conclusive and will overcome any forced heirship provisions emanating from civil law jurisdictions. The Isle of Man adopted the Hague Convention in the Recognition of Trusts Act 1988, albeit with some modifications.

Trust documents are in English, and there are no requirements for registration; there is no stamp duty. The normal perpetuity period of a Manx trust created prior to 2001 is 80 years. Trust created after 2000 have a statutory perpetuity period of 150 years. There are no restrictions on the accumulation of income during the perpetuity period.

Trusts used for Investment Funds (Unit Trusts) are governed by the Prevention of Fraud (Investments) Act 1968, which contains prudential rules among others.



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