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Isle of Man: Double Tax Treaties

Man Memorandum of Understandings (MOU)

In February, 2005, agreements were signed with the Dubai Financial Services Authority, the UAE Central Bank, and the Bahrain Monetary Agency. The DFSA signed two memoranda of understanding with the Isle of Man's Financial Supervision Commission and Insurance and Pensions Authority.

The two agreements aim to provide a framework for the provision of mutual assistance and information exchange between the two jurisdictions with regard to cross-border transactions. In addition, the agreements are designed to improve compliance, thereby helping to prevent money laundering and fraud.

Under each agreement, the Middle East Agencies, the FSC and IPA will consult with each other on an on-going basis to enhance regulatory co-operation and to collaborate on international supervision between the regions.

The MOUs also provide a framework for regulatory cooperation through the exchange of information and mutual cooperation in the field of on-site examinations of entities, subject to regulation in both jurisdictions.



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