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Isle of Man: Business Environment

Labour Market

The Manx Government has reconstructed the Island's employment legislation, replacing the previous limited rules with a straightforward system which offers enhanced protection for workers without placing excessive burdens and restrictions on employers. The result has been the introduction of the Employment Act 1991 and the Trade Unions Act 1991. The two Acts deal with such matters as unfair dismissal, registration of trade unions, "cooling off periods" before industrial action, and limitations on picketing. The Employment Act incorporates previous requirements such as those for the issue of written particulars of terms and conditions of employment. Employment law was further updated with the Employment Act 2006, which introduced new rights regarding maternity leave, among other changes. As of October 1, 2013, the minimum wage for a worker aged 18 or over is GBP6.40 per hour.

As compared to the UK, industrial strikes and other disruptions are rare on the Isle of Man. A number of United Kingdom based trade unions have branches on the Island but they operate within an entirely separate framework of employment legislation. An independent Manx Industrial Relations Service, with a full-time Industrial Relations Officer, is available to handle enquiries from both employers and employees. There is also a local Employment Tribunal with a range of functions under the Island's employment legislation.



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