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Isle of Man: E-Commerce


This page was last updated on 31 January 2020.

There is a number of firms on the Isle of Man that offer e-commerce packages or e-business support, and several of these are consortiums. In one case, for instance, there is a joint venture between a management consultancy, an internet facilities house, a law firm and Manx Telecom. This approach ensures that all necessary skills are brought to bear on the setting-up of an offshore e-commerce operation.

Several firms offer comprehensive support to retail e-commerce operations, typically including the following components:

  • domain name, hosting and site statistics;
  • secure space for customer ordering form;
  • home, company information and other pages as required;
  • product catalogue, shopping basket and ordering facility;
  • catalogue design and construction including photography;
  • keyword-based search engine positioning;
  • payment-processing solutions from an external service;
  • continuing site updating service.



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