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Guernsey: Country and Foreign Investment

Population, Language and Culture

The population of Guernsey is 66,605 (July 2013 est.). English is the main and official language, although French is widely spoken, and a Norman patois is used in the countryside.

In the 11th century the Channel Islands, including Guernsey, belonged to the Duchy of Normandy, and formed part of the combined kingdom of England and Normandy after the Battle of Hastings. When in 1204 King John of England lost Normandy to the French, the Channel Islands remained part of the British Isles, and have done so ever since despite numerous attempts by the French to regain them. The islands were occupied by the Germans during the Second World War.

Culturally, the Channel Islands owe far more to England than to any other source, although there are traces of French culture, and the legal and administrative systems are a hybrid of Anglo-Saxon and Continental forms.



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