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Guernsey: E-Commerce

ISP & Hosting Services

A list of Guernsey based ISPs is as follows:

  • Dixcart.net
  • Double Plus Software
  • Fort Trustees Limited
  • Internet (CI) Ltd
  • Lynx Financial Systems
  • Milvus Software
  • Newtel

The fibre-optic cable link between Jersey and Guernsey has been upgraded at a cost of several hundred thousand pounds, doubling the amount of information it can carry. The move is the first stage of a project which will grow the available capacity on the existing cable links to meet the forecast growth demands for e-commerce and Internet activities in the Channel Islands. The cost has been split between joint owners Guernsey Telecoms and Jersey Telecoms.

Jersey Telecoms executive director, Bob Lawrence, commented: 'This type of network upgrade work is all about ensuring the Island has sufficient capacity in place to meet the growing demands for Internet connections and electronic commerce.'

The submarine cable network is provided over diversely routed fibre optic systems which are protected by a system known as Synchronous Digital Hierarchy. This means that should one cable fail for any reason, the other automatically takes over the provision of all connections without service loss or any degradation in performance. In addition to this bandwidth capability, Jersey Telecoms also has its own independent links to France, which provide direct capacity to Europe and further back-up links to the UK.

Mr Lawrence said: 'Our fibre optic submarine network cables are capable of being upgraded on a continual basis in order to meet such demand and we can provide for almost unlimited capacity over these links. At present, we're currently using only a fraction of the existing potential capacity and the upgrade is being done at this time to meet projected forecasts for next year. As a company we're strongly committed to providing high quality, value for money telecommunication services for the Island and I hope that this increase in capacity will demonstrate this and also help to dispel a current misconception that the telecoms connections to the Island are in someway inadequate or limited.'

In August, 2006, Newtel Solutions announced that it had increased the capacity of its core transmission network infrastructure between the Channel Islands and London.

The announcement, which came just six months after Newtel announced its last upgrade, saw the company's network between the Channel Islands and London quadrupling in capacity from STM-4 (622Mbit/s) to STM-16 (2,488.32Mbit/s).

"The customer requirement for high quality bandwidth and service convergence in the Islands is becoming increasingly sophisticated," noted Andy Elston, Director of Operations, Newtel Solutions.

"The network will be used as the bedrock platform on which to transport next generation network (NGN) services," he added.

Gary Whipp, Commercial Director, Newtel Solutions added: "Newtel is able to provide carrier-class connectivity to businesses in the Channel Islands, whatever the size and nature of the business.

"The increased capacity will allow for further development of broadband and voice services together with the core network infrastructure providing opportunities for businesses locally and internationally."

The enhanced infrastructure has been made possible through an agreement with COLT Telecom, a leading European provider of business communications.

Newtel has been providing telecommunications capacity via the high capacity CIEG telecommunications network since 2002.

Newtel is a fully licensed Public Telecommunication Operator (PTO) in both Jersey and Guernsey, providing a range of hosting, private circuit, Internet and voice services over its own infrastructure.

In 2005, Newtel acquired Guernsey.Net and its wholly owned subsidiary Localdial, making Newtel the largest independent Internet service provider and telecoms company in the Channel Islands.

In April 2010, it was announced that engineers for Sure had upgraded connections at seven exchanges serving the island, Alderney and Sark.

The work was the first stage of a major project to deliver a doubling of speeds for broadband across the Bailiwick at no extra cost to Sure customers.

Vicki Abraham, Consumer Product Manager, Fixed Services, said: “The broadband work has gone really well, more rapidly than we expected, and the feedback we’ve received from customers so far has been positive. We haven’t had any lasting problems reported so far. Our planning for the second phase of this project starts now and we will see further increases in internet speeds, while maintaining the quality of the network, later this year.”



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