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Guernsey: Country and Foreign Investment


Guernsey is a self-governing British Crown dependency. The Queen of England, as Duke of Normandy, is Head of State, and she is represented on the Island by the Lieutenant Governor, who is appointed by the Crown for a five year term. The Government of the United Kingdom is responsible for the conduct of the external relations and defence of the Island.

Internal affairs of Guernsey are governed by the island's parliament, The States of Deliberation. The States, as it is usually referred to, is both the legislative and executive body, and has 45 seats. The nearby islands of Alderney and Sark have their own parliaments. The virtual absence of party politics encourages a high degree of consensus and contributes to political and economic stability.

The island has its own courts. Historically, the legal system has continental (Civil Code) origins, but over time English common law has come to have greater influence. Commercial and business law is mostly Anglo-Saxon in nature, and English precedents are often followed. Some UK legislation is adopted as such by Guernsey by agreement with the British Government. The ultimate court of appeal is the English Privy Council.



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