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Grenada: Types of Company


'Offshore' businesses in Grenada are normally incorporated under the International Companies Act, Cap. 152.

For local businesses, other than as a requirement under the Fiscal Incentives Act (for manufacturing enterprises) there is no specific obligation for a business to be incorporated as a company. Thus an investor can form a sole proprietorship, a partnership or limited liability company. The usual form of business however, is a limited liability company and investors are encouraged to incorporate.

The following ownership forms are recognized: Local investors alone; Foreign investors alone; Joint venture between foreign and local investors.

In accordance with the Companies Act 35/94 Part 1, one or more persons may incorporate a Company by submitting the following documentation to the Registrar, Supreme Court:

  • Articles of incorporation;
  • A list of directors;
  • Notice of address;
  • Request for a name search.

Business names can be registered with the Registrar, Supreme Court Registry.



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