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France Business, Taxation and Offshore Information

According to the International Monetary Fund, as of 2013, France has the 23rd highest GDP per capita in the world. It is ranked as 20th on the UN's Human Development Index (a comparative measure of life expectancy, literacy, education, standards of living, and quality of life).

France has the world's seventh largest economy, and the second largest in the EU. It is a member of the G8 group of industrialised countries, and is a part of the eurozone monetary union. France is the most popular tourist destination in the world, having attracted 83 million foreign tourists in 2012. More »


France Knowledge Base

France: Country and Foreign Investment
A quick overview of France - its history, geography, and business advantages.
France Executive Summary »
France Geography »
France History, Population, Language and Culture »

France: Types of Company
A look at various types of company in France, providing options to suit different business needs.
France Venture Capital Companies »
France Co-Ordination Centres »
France Holding Companies »

France: Tax-Efficient Sectors
These pages examine tax-efficient sectors in France, in order to identify which business forms have available tax incentives.
France Tax Regime Introduction »
France Patent Holding Company »
France Energy Conservation Entities »
France SME »
France Tax Free Zones »
France Local Investment Funds »
France Mineral Extraction Companies »
France Oil & Gas Companies »
France Media Publications »
France Innovation Financing Companies (SFI) »
France Scientific & Technical Research »
France Young, Innovating Enterprises »
France Tax Holidays for New Enterprises »
France Tax Incentives Announced In 2008 »
France Tax Incentives Announced In 2009 »

France: Domestic Corporate Taxation
A guide detailing the scope and rate of taxes affecting companies in France.
France Corporate Income Tax on Dividend Income Received »
France Capital Gains Tax on the Sale of Shares »
France Withholding Taxes on Incoming Dividends »
France Withholding Taxes on Outgoing Dividends »

France: Personal Taxation
An overview of applicable taxes for individuals in France.
France Individual Non-Resident Taxation »
France Expatriates Tax Package »

France: Double Tax Treaties
Treaties and international agreements that France has in place, to mitigate the effects of double taxation.
France Tax Treaty Agreements »
France Table of Treaty Rates »

France: Related Information
Other useful information pertinent to France.
Map of France »