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Estonia: Country and Foreign Investment


The President is elected by Parliament, unless there is no clear parliamentary preference, in which case an electoral assembly, comprising Parliament and local government, will make the appointment. The President is usually elected for a five-year term, although a second term is permitted, and is the head of state. Since October 2006, the role has been occupied by Toomas Ilves.

The Prime Minister is the head of government, and is appointed by the President, subject to parliamentary approval. There is also a Council of Ministers, appointed by the Prime Minister and approved by Parliament. The current Prime Minister is Andrus Ansip, who took office in April 2005.

The unicameral (one chambered) Parliament or Riigikogu comprises 101 seats, with members elected by popular vote every four years.

The Estonian legal system is based on the civil law model and has been influenced by the German legal system. Estonia accepts compulsory European Court of Justice rulings, albeit with reservations. The Supreme Court (Riigikohus) comprises 17 justices, with the Chief Justice nominated by the President and appointed by Parliament, for nine terms.



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