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Czech Republic: Country and Foreign Investment

Entry and Residence

The Czech Republic’s state boundaries fall within the Schengen Area, and this allows relatively free movement for those travelling to other countries defined as being within the Schengen Area. Necessary ID is required when entering the Czech Republic from international destinations via main airports or other termini.

Long-term and short-term visas may be issued for the purposes of employment or tourism. Individuals can apply for a long-term residence permit if they intend to remain in the country for more than 90 days for the same purpose they entered under either a long-term or short-term visa.

For tax purposes, anyone who has a permanent home in the Czech Republic or stays in the country for more than 183 days in a calendar year will be classified as a resident and therefore will be liable to tax on their income in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in the world. A person who is employed by a foreign company that does not have a permanent business base in the country, and who stays in the country for less than 183 days in a calendar year, will be exempt from tax.



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