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Czech Republic: Country and Foreign Investment

Business Environment

Telephone exchanges are being upgraded to facilitate Internet access, and 86% of exchanges are now digital. There are 2.3m landlines in use, although take-up has slowed due to the proliferation of mobile technology – there are 13.8m mobile phones (more than one per head of population). Mobile phone take-up has been prolific in recent years. Six million people have Internet access.

The Czech Republic has a modern transport system that is growing rapidly. Prague has a major international airport that handles the vast majority of passenger and freight transport by air. There are also airports at Brno and Ostrava. There are over 55,000 km of roads and motorways in the country and 9,600 km of railways. Modernisation of the railway network is ongoing. International connections by road and rail are good. Prague has a comprehensive transport system, utilising metro (underground), buses and trams. There are also navigable waterways (664 km), notably on the three major rivers.



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