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Czech Republic Business, Taxation and Offshore Information

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in central Europe with an area of 78,900 sq km, positioned between Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia. The population is 10.2m and the capital city, Prague, is an important communications and tourist centre. The country enjoys a temperate climate.

The Czech Republic is not a religious nation: about a quarter of its citizens follow Roman Catholicism but the majority of people are either agnostic or atheist. The prevalent language is Czech.

The constitution provides for a two-tier legislative assembly. The Chamber of Deputies (or lower assembly) has 200 elected members. The upper chamber, or Senate, comprises 81 elected members. The President is elected for a five-year term and is the head of state. The President appoints the Prime Minister and the ministers of the government, who together form the Executive. The present President is Vaclav Klaus, who was re-elected in February 2008 and is required to leave his post on 7 March 2013 when his successor (elected in January 2013) will take up the post. More »


Czech Republic Knowledge Base

Czech Republic: Country and Foreign Investment A quick overview of the Czech Republic - its history, geography, and business advantages.
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Czech Republic Geography »
Czech Republic History, Population, Language and Culture »
Czech Republic Government »
Czech Republic Economy and Currency »
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Czech Republic: Types Of Company
A look at various types of company in the Czech Republic, providing options to suit different business needs.
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Czech Republic Joint Stock Company »
Czech Republic Limited Liability Company »
Czech Republic Limited Partnership »
Czech Republic General Commercial Partnership »
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Czech Republic: Tax-Efficient Sectors
These pages examine tax-efficient sectors in the Czech Republic, in order to identify which business forms have available tax incentives.
Czech Republic Tax-Efficient Business Forms »
Czech Republic Tax-Privileged Business Sectors »

Czech Republic: Law of Offshore
A hub for information about the main laws and statutes affecting offshore and non-resident businesses in the Czech Republic.
Czech Republic Table of Statutes »
Czech Republic Law on Free Zones »

Czech Republic: Domestic Corporate Taxation
A guide detailing the scope and rate of taxes affecting companies in the Czech Republic.
Czech Republic Scope of Income Tax »
Czech Republic Income Tax Rates »
Czech Republic Calculation of Taxable Base »
Czech Republic Filing Requirements and Payment of Tax »
Czech Republic Withholding Taxes »
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Czech Republic: Personal Taxation
An overview of applicable taxes for individuals in the Czech Republic.
Czech Republic Residence and Liability for Taxation »
Czech Republic Rates of Income Tax »
Czech Republic Social Security Taxes »
Czech Republic Property Taxes »
Czech Republic Inheritance and Gift Taxes »

Czech Republic: Double Tax Treaties
Treaties and international agreements that the Czech Republic has in place, to mitigate the effects of double taxation.
Czech Republic Tax Treaty Introduction »
Czech Republic Treaty Agreements »
Czech Republic Table of Treaty Rates »
Czech Republic Other International Agreements »

Czech Republic: Related Information
Other useful information pertinent to the Czech Republic.
Map of the Czech Republic »