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Cyprus: Country and Foreign Investment

Investments by Foreigners

There are now no restrictions on the level of investment foreigners – both EU and non-EU nationals – may make into a Cypriot company. They are free to invest as much as they like and may own up to 100% of a company, putting them on an equal footing with local investors.

In addition to serving as a conduit for investment into the EU, due to its location, Cyprus is also an excellent platform for investing in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and North Africa. Taken together with its low corporation and income tax rates, 59 tax treaties avoiding double taxation and fine infrastructure, Cyprus is an ideal location for foreign investment.

On 26 June 2017, President Nicos Anastasiades said “A new approach has been adopted which sees foreign investments as the safest and most rational means to achieve economic stability and viable growth. Through foreign investment, Cyprus not only safeguards its competitive advantages, but it utilises them in the most effective way.”

He added that the island can still do better, and, through continuous improvement, “we shall succeed in making Cyprus a world class destination for business and investment.”



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