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Curaçao: Offshore Business Sectors

Ship Management and Maritime Operations

See Offshore Business Review – Shipping for a more general treatment of offshore shipping registries.

The natural and tideless port of Curaçao has a container terminal and can handle large RO/RO and LO/LO vessels. More than 20 shipping lines operate 1,300 sailings a year from Curaçao. The international airport at Curaçao has the longest runway in the Caribbean and is well-served by a number of international airlines. Storage and handling facilities are modern and efficient. There are free trade zones at both the port and the airport.

Upon the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles, the Directorate of Shipping and Maritime Affairs of the Netherlands Antilles changed its name to the Maritime Authority of Curaçao. The owner of a ship to be registered in Curaçao should be a Dutch individual or corporation; but this can be achieved simply by registering a company in Curaçao.

See Offshore Legal and Tax Regimes for details of the special tax treatment of offshore revenues of shipping companies. The advantages of this ship registry include:

  • no initial registration charges or taxes;
  • a simple registration procedure;
  • no nationality or employment requirements for crew;
  • non-resident crew members are not subject to any local taxation;
  • service-oriented shipping inspectorate and maritime administration.



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