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Curaçao: Country and Foreign Investment

Free Trade Zones

This page was last updated on 20 August 2019.

There are free trade zones at Willemstad harbour, Hato-Curaçao international airport and the industrial estate. The free zones are secure and permanently maintained; they are fully serviced, and have telecommunication connections.

The free trade zones are an effective distribution centre for export to the Caribbean, the Americas and the EU. There are no custom duties imposed for imports, trans-shipment and/or export of goods; foreign exchange transactions in respect of free zone goods are exempt from commission. Of total sales, 25% may be made to the local market. Profits on export sales from the free zones are taxed at 2%.

A company must apply to the local authority before it can be granted permission to conduct business with other firms in an e-zone. If allowed, the company must meet certain criteria relating to price setting, quality of the goods and services on offer and the distribution of goods. The turnover generated through local business must not exceed 25% of the total turnover.

Within the e-zones, company profits are set to be taxed at 2% (including a surtax) until January 1, 2026. This rate is not applicable on the profit of an e-zone company if it is generated by the sale of goods or services to companies in the former Netherlands Antilles or generated through the rendering of services to affiliated companies located in the country. In addition there is no import duty or turnover tax charged on goods entering the e-zones.



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