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Costa Rica: Country and Foreign Investment


This page was last updated on 8 August 2019.

Costa Rica is in Central America, south of Nicaragua and north-west of Panama. To the north-east lies the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean is to the west and south. The country’s area is 51,000 km2. The time zone is GMT minus 6 hours (the same as US Central Time).

There are three ranges of volcanic mountains rising to 3,800 m, and the many rivers that flow from them supply plentiful hydroelectric power.

The climate is subtropical; average temperature in Valle Central (the Central Valley) is 22°C, and on the coast it ranges from 20° and 30°. December to April is the dry season and May to November is rainy. Costa Rica's Pacific and Caribbean coastlines are lined with luxury hotel resorts. National parks cover 10.3% of the country and contain coral reefs, virgin rainforests and volcanic craters.

The capital is San José. There are regular flights to many international destinations.



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