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Cook Islands: Country and Foreign Investment


The Cook Islands are a widely scattered group of islands located in the south-east Pacific Ocean approximately half way between New Zealand and Hawaii with a total land area of 241 sq km.

Geologically they can be subdivided into 2 distinct groups. The southern Cook Islands compromise Raratonga which is volcanic in origin, Aitutaki which is volcanic coral and Atiu, Takutea, Mauke, Mitiaro and Manuae which are all raised coral atolls. The northern Cook Islands which comprise Penrhyn, Manihiki, Pukapuka, Palmerston, Rakahanga, Suvorov and Nassau are all low coral atolls.

The main administrative and commercial center is the capital city Avarua on the island of Raratonga. The climate is tropical, moderated by trade winds. Whilst rainfall averages 2000mm per annum on the mountain slopes of Rarotonga much drier conditions prevail further north. The Islands are lashed by typhoons from November to March.

The Islands are 10 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. Direct daily flights are offered by Air New Zealand from Rarotonga to Los Angeles, Auckland, Fiji, Tahiti and Honolulu. Telecommunications are excellent.



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