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Comoros: Law of Offshore

Insurance Law

This page was last updated on 5 August 2019.

In an attempt to improve the Comoran business environment, boost foreign investment and create employment, a new investment code was passed in 2007, and is more liberal and attractive than the previous one. It provides investors with a conducive legal framework, the free movement of capital and profits and equal rights for foreign and national investors. The National Agency for Investment Promotion, Invest in Comoros, is the main institution that liaises with investors under the code. Its role is to serve as an intermediary between the government and investors, carry out business registration procedures and issue special permits.

The investment code also provides tax incentives for approved investors, including the following:

  • exemption from customs duties and taxes on imported materials and equipment intended to be used in the investment project;
  • potential for substantial reductions in corporate tax, in an amount related to the amount spent by the investor.

These tax incentives are available for seven years on investments of at least KMF5m. However, they are extended to 10 years on investments exceeding KMF100m.



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