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Comoros: Country and Foreign Investment


This page was last updated on 5 August 2019.

The Comoros are situated in the north of the Mozambique Channel, about two-thirds of the way between north Madagascar and northernmost Mozambique. The archipelago consists of four main inhabited islands. Grand Comore (Comorian: N’gazidja), Anjouan (Ndzuwani) and Moheli (Mwali) form the Republic of the Comoros. Mayotte (Mahore), though claimed by the Comoros, is still administered by France.

With a total surface area of 2,235 sq. km, the terrain of the islands varies from low hills to rugged volcanic mountains, the tallest of which is Mount Karthala at 2,360m, an active volcano which last erupted in 2007. The climate is tropical maritime and the rainy season is from November to May each year.



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