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Comoros Islands Business, Taxation and Offshore Information

The political history of Comoros has been rather turbulent in the meantime, with power changing hands a number of times as a result of coups. In 1997, demands for increased autonomy on the islands of Anjouan and Moheli led to the breakup of the Federal Islamic Republic. In 2001, the government reformed as the Union of the Comoros under a new constitution which gave each of the three islands more autonomy than had been enjoyed previously. The island country continues its present form of confederal government albeit with minor changes approved in a 2009 referendum. In May 2011, Ikililou Dhoinine won the presidency in peaceful elections widely deemed to be free and fair.

It has had a troubled start to life as an independent nation, with political instability holding back its development. But the Government of the Comoros Islands (also referred to here as Comoros) is putting in place a legal framework designed to attract foreign investment, especially in tourism, an industry with much potential in this largely unspoiled group tropical islands. More »


Comoros Islands Knowledge Base

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Comoros Islands: Domestic Taxation
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