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China Business, Taxation and Offshore Information

Although China is of course the most populous nation in the world, with a population estimated at 1.34 bn in mid-2012, it is surprisingly only the fourth largest country, being slightly smaller than the USA.

Unlike the USA, and the other two countries which are larger, Canada and Russia, China has a long history of advanced civilization; it was not until the Industrial Revolution in Western Europe in the eighteenth century that China was overtaken in terms of technology and culture. Indeed, partly because of intrusion by 'the West', and contamination by foreign ideas, China spent the years from 1750 to 1945 suffering from a series of civil wars, occupations and famines. The communists under Mao Zedong then took control, with appalling consequences for ordinary people, although in China, as in Russia, the period after the second world war saw the establishment of a technology-based 'modern' country with adequate infrastructure. The People's Republic of China was established in 1949, replacing the Republic of China, which is preserved only on the island of Taiwan (capital, Taipei), although China has never accepted the validity of that entity. More »


China Knowledge Base

China: Country and Foreign Investment
A quick overview of China - its history, geography, and business advantages.
China Executive Summary »
China Economy and Currency »
China Entry and Residence »
China Business Environment »

China: Types of Company
A look at various types of company in China, providing options to suit different business needs.
China Company Introduction »
China Representative Office »
China Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise »
China Foreign-Invested Commercial Enterprise »
China Joint Venture »
China Partnership »
China Company Formation Procedures »

China: Labour Regulation
An analysis of employment law, industrial relations, and social security schemes in China.
China Regulatory Environment »
China Work Permits »

China: Domestic Taxation
A guide detailing the scope and rate of taxes affecting individuals and companies in China.
China Personal Taxation »
China Domestic Corporate Taxation »
China Transfer Pricing »
China Import and Export Taxation »

China: Double Tax Treaties
Treaties and international agreements that China has in place, to mitigate the effects of double taxation.
China Tax Treaty Introduction »
China Table of Treaty Rates »

China: Corporate Investment
The latest corporate investment trends in China, detailing various strategies and incentives.
China Foreign Investment Regime »
China Incentive Schemes »
China Availability of Skilled Workers and Business Infrastructure »

China: Working and Living
A wider view of life in China, from the availability of housing and education, to permits and visas required for entry.
China Life as a Foreigner »
China Health, Education and Pensions »
China Buying and Renting Real Estate »

China: Wealth Management
Investment strategies and financial planning solutions in China.
China Tax System and Wealth »
China Inheritance Taxes »
China Banks, Stocks and Real Estate »
China Alternative Investment »
China Use of 'Offshore' to Protect Wealth »
China Wealth Management Industry »

China: Commercial Property
A closer look at the commercial property in China.
China Commercial Property Market »
China Commercial Property Prices »
China Commercial Property Law »
China Commercial Property Taxation »

China: Related Information
Other useful information pertinent to China.
Map of China »