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Canada: Domestic Corporate Taxation

Filing Requirements and Payment of Tax

Apart from Quebec and Alberta (which have their own corporation tax collection agencies), provincial and territorial corporation taxes are collected by the CRA along with federal taxes.

The corporation income tax return must be submitted to the CRA within six months after the end of the company’s tax year. Failure to file the return on time will result in a penalty of 5% of the unpaid tax that would have been due on the filing deadline, plus and additional 1% of the outstanding tax for each month the return remains unfiled. If still unfiled after 12 months, higher penalties apply.

Other penalties apply in specific instances in relation to certain companies and forms required to be filed.

Corporation income tax is payable in monthly or quarterly instalments, depending on the type of business and subject to a C$3,000 threshold. Late payments and underpayments are subject to instalment interest, plus a penalty calculated by subtracting from the instalment interest the greater of C$1,000 or 25% of the instalment interest calculated if no instalment has been made for the year.



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