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Brunei: Working and Living

Taxation of Individuals

In Brunei there is no personal income tax, and there are no export, sales, payroll or manufacturing taxes. Sole-proprietorship and partnership businesses are not subject to income tax.

Stamp duties are levied on a variety of documents. The duties are either ad valorem or fixed, depending on the nature of the documents.

Ad Valorem Duties apply to:

  • Instruments of transfer of property including marketable securities, shares of other companies and of non tangible property, benefits to legal rights and goodwill;
  • Instruments creating interests in property, for example Tenancies and Leases;
  • Instrument of security for monies including instruments creating contracts for payment or monies of binding (generally described as "bond");
  • Certain capital market instrument, for example, Contract Notes, Share Certificates, etc.

Instruments which attract ad valorem duty include: mortgages; leases/tenancy agreements; and transfer of shares.

Fixed Duties apply to:

  • A number of other legal, commercial, mercantile or capital market instruments, for example, instrument of Articles of Association of a company, Promissory Notes, Policies of Insurance, etc; and
  • A duplicate or a subsidiary or a collateral instrument when it can be shown that the original or principal or primary duly stamped.

Estate duty is levied under the Stamp Act, Cap 34, on all immovable property in Brunei Darussalam and movable property wherever situated for persons domiciled in Brunei Darussalam at the time of death. There is double taxation relief for estate duty paid overseas on assets that are also charged to estate duty in Brunei Darussalam.

Estate duty is not payable in the case of person dying on or after December 15, 1988, on the first B$2.0 million of the aggregate value of the deceased's interest in a dwelling house or dwelling houses, whether occupied by the deceased or not, and the amount thereof does not form part of the value of the estate charged with estate duty of any deceased person. If the value of the dwelling houses exceeds B$2.0 million, the estate duty payable on this part of the estate is 3% of the excess.



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