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Brunei: Working and Living

Buying and Renting Real Estate

There is a thriving, open market in living accommodation in Brunei, and prices have held up quite well. A small flat in the capital will not be less than USD600 a month, while a family house will be three times as much. A new 'rental property tax' introduced in 2010, and based on deemed valuations, may add between USD40 and USD100 per month, and will probably have a dampening effect on the market, at least for smaller properties. The government does provide a considerable amount of public housing, but it is mostly for civil servants, of whom there are many.

Mortgages are readily available from local banks for residential accommodation; a typical small house costing say USD200,000 can usually be 100% financed at a cost of say USD1,500 per month over a 20-year term.



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