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Brunei: Wealth Management

Alternative Investment

This page was last updated on 4 June 2019.

See Mutual Fund Law for more details on mutual funds.
Some banks in Brunei have begun to offer fixed income products. Standard Chartered Bank's Roop Barua said that the bond products have been very well received by clients, and that introducing the product to the Brunei market is the “right thing to do”.

“We are bringing it to the market in a responsible way, and I personally feel passionate about it,” he said. The investment bond products currently have a minimum investment amount of $50,000 in the respective foreign currencies and $250,000 in local currency.

“The products we are bringing in are mostly very high grade liquid bonds from around the world, covering multiple major currencies including the Singapore Dollar,” said Barua. The bank will also be bringing in various other currencies and that the kind of bonds that Standard Chartered Brunei brings in will depend on the demand from its client base. “For instance, if a client says that they have a lot of Australian Dollars that needs to be looked after, and needs it to be given the opportunity to invest, then we’ll bring in Australian Dollar bonds,” said Barua.

Barua said that during his visit to Brunei, he had noticed that most of the market base in Brunei is made up of mostly conservative investors. Bonds, he said, are “a very natural fit” for conservative investors. “Bonds in general are very conservative, because they have less risk than another asset class, so it would certainly fit in, but I would argue that bonds have a very natural fit with every client, because conservative clients will have more holdings but aggressive clients will also have bonds, but less in their portfolio,” he said.



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