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Bermuda Business, Taxation and Offshore Information

Bermuda is not in the Caribbean

Bermuda is a mid-Atlantic archipelago just over 1,000 km east-southeast of North Cartolina, USA – it is not in the Caribbean, which is 1,500 km to the southwest. It is a politically stable, self-governing Crown dependency. English is the official language and the currency, the Bermudian dollar, is at parity with the US dollar. The climate is warm and humid, though sea breezes temper the high summer temperatures. Population is 63,700 (January 2019 est.) and has recently been fluctuating. The islands are rich: Bermuda's GDP in 2017 was approximately US$5.85 billion, giving a GDP per head of more than US$94,000.

Buoyant Economy Based on Financial Services and Tourism

By excluding foreign banks until recently, Bermuda avoided problems and grew as a reputable international finance centre with three of its own widely-branched banks. Financial services account for a significant majority of GDP. Tourism is also important with more than 400,000 visitors a year, most of them from the USA. The Bermuda Stock Exchange (established 1973) trades electronically and provides global access to its settlement systems. In 2012, Bermuda counted four banks, only one of them being local. More »


Bermuda Knowledge Base

Bermuda: Country and Foreign Investment
A quick overview of Bermuda - its history, geography, and business advantages.
Bermuda Executive Summary »
Bermuda Economy »
Bermuda Geography »
Bermuda Population, Language and Culture »
Bermuda Government »

Bermuda: Types of Company
A look at various types of company in Bermuda, providing options to suit different business needs.
Bermuda Company Introduction »
Bermuda Exempt Company »
Bermuda Local Company Limited by Shares »
Bermuda Permit Company »
Bermuda Exempt Partnership »
Bermuda Limited Partnership »
Bermuda Overseas Partnership »
Bermuda Trusts »
Bermuda Segregated Accounts Companies »

Bermuda: Business Environment
The support network of services you need to do business in Bermuda.
Bermuda Business Environment Introduction »
Bermuda Trust Management »
Bermuda Professional Services »
Bermuda Banking and Financial Services »
Bermuda Banking Confidentiality »
Bermuda Telecommunications »
Bermuda Internet and E-Commerce Facilities »
Bermuda Residence and Property »

Bermuda: Offshore Business Sectors
The key sectors of Bermuda's offshore economy.
Bermuda Offshore Business Introduction »
Bermuda Investment Fund Management »
Bermuda Insurance »
Bermuda Stock Exchange »
Bermuda Financial Services »
Bermuda Commercial Trading Companies »
Bermuda Ship Management and Maritime Operations »

Bermuda: E-Commerce
A description of how e-commerce operations are enabled in Bermuda, and how the offshore tax regime can best be utilised for e-commerce.
Bermuda E-Commerce Introduction »
Bermuda Electronic Transactions Act 1999 »
Bermuda E-Commerce Code of Conduct »
Bermuda Government E-Commerce Involvements »
Bermuda Hosting and ISP Facilities »
Bermuda Payment Processing Facilities »
Bermuda Banking Facilities »
Bermuda Planning the Tax Structure »
What to Locate in Bermuda »
Bermuda Offshore Options for E-Businesspeople »

Bermuda: Offshore Legal and Tax Regimes
This section looks at available offshore operations in Bermuda and the criterion required for obtaining offshore tax status.
Bermuda Offshore Introduction »
Bermuda Forms of Offshore Operation »
Bermuda Tax Treatment of Offshore Operations »
Bermuda Taxation of Foreign Employees of Offshore Operations »
Bermuda Exchange Control »
Bermuda Offshore Activities »
Bermuda Employment and Residence »

Bermuda: Law of Offshore
A hub for information about the main laws and statutes affecting offshore and non-resident businesses in Bermuda.
Bermuda Legal Introduction »
Bermuda Table of Statutes »
Bermuda Trust Law »
Bermuda Insurance Law »
Bermuda Funds »
Bermuda - The Legal Profession »
Bermuda - The Accountancy Profession »

Bermuda: Labour Regulation
An analysis of employment law, industrial relations, and social security schemes in Bermuda.
Bermuda Labour Market »
Bermuda Work Permits »

Bermuda: Domestic Corporate Taxation
A guide detailing the scope and rate of taxes affecting companies in Bermuda.
Bermuda Corporate Tax Introduction »
Bermuda Payroll Taxes »
Bermuda Social Insurance »
Bermuda Filing Requirements and Payment of Tax »
Bermuda Health Insurance »

Bermuda: Personal Taxation
An overview of applicable taxes for individuals in Bermuda.
Bermuda Personal Tax Introduction »
Bermuda Residence & Liability Taxation »
Bermuda Income Taxes »
Bermuda Miscellaneous Taxes & Duties »
Bermuda Custom Duties »

Bermuda: Double Tax Treaties
Treaties and international agreements that Bermuda has in place, to mitigate the effects of double taxation.
Bermuda Tax Treaty Introduction »
Bermuda Tax Information Exchange Agreements »

Bermuda: Offshore Investment
The opportunities for offshore investors in Bermuda.
Bermuda Investment Introduction »
Bermuda Investment Funds »
Bermuda Local and International Equities »
Bermuda Hedge Funds »
Bermuda Bank Deposits »

Bermuda: Related Information
Other useful information pertinent to Bermuda.
Map of Bermuda »