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Belize: Personal Taxation

Social Security Taxes

In general, any employment in Belize under a contract of service or apprenticeship, written or oral is insurable employment. This includes employment with the Government and all statutory bodies, employment with a company or firm or by an individual, and employment on board vessels and aircraft whose owner resides or has his principal place of business in Belize. 

The employer is responsible for registering employees. When a person is registered as an insured person, the Social Security Board will issue to him/her a " Social Security Registration Card ". The registration Card will show that person's Social Security Number, which he/she must use as reference on all correspondence, claims, etc. when dealing with the board.

  • For weekly earnings under BZD70, the contribution is BZD4.40 (employer BZD3.57, employee 83 cents).
  • For weekly earnings up to BZD109.99, the contribution is BZD7.20 (employer BZD5.85, employee BZD1.35).
  • For weekly earnings up to BZD139.99, the contribution is BZD10.40 (employer BZD8.45, employee BZD1.95).
  • For weekly earnings up to BZD179.99, the contribution is BZD12.80 (employer BZD9.65, employee BZD3.15).
  • For weekly earnings up to BZD219.99, the contribution is BZD16.00 (employer BZD11.25, employee BZD4.75).
  • For weekly earnings up to BZD259.99, the contribution is BZD19.20 (employer BZD12.85, employee BZD6.35).
  • For weekly earnings up to BZD299.99, the contribution is BZD22.40 (employer BZD14.45, employee BZD7.95).
  • For weely earnings over BZD300.00, the contribution is BZD25.60 (employer BZD16.05, employee BZD9.55).

A contribution of BZD2.60 is payable by the employer for employees who aged 60 – 64 years and who have received, or are receiving Social Security Retirement Benefit, and for all employees aged 65 years and over. This provides employment injury coverage for these employees.



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