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Belgium: Country and Foreign Investment


Belgium has a population of just over 11 million inhabitants, spread over approximately 30,000km². Belgium shares land borders with France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, with a maritime border also being shared with the United Kingdom.

The country is split into three regions: the Flemish Region; the Walloon Region, and; the Brussels-Capital Region. The official language of the Flemish Region is Dutch, while French is the predominant language of the Walloon Region. There is also a German-speaking Community, made up of 73,000 people, in the Walloon Region.

The northern part of Belgium is a fairly flat landscape, with much of the coastal area having been reclaimed from the sea and protected by a network dikes and canals. The southern part has a much more rugged landscape, most notably with extensive forests and rolling hills of the Ardennes.



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