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Barbados: Country and Foreign Investment

Stock Exchange (BSE)

This page was last updated on 28 Mar 2019.

The first Barbadian trading centre, the Securities Exchange of Barbados, was established in 1987, under the Securities Exchange Act, Cap 318A, of 1982. The Barbados Stock Exchange (BSE) was reincorporated on August 2, 2001 simultaneously with the enactment of the Securities Act 2001 -13, which repealed and replaced the original Act of 1982. Regulated by the Financial Services commission, it employs fully electronic trading and has been moderately successful. As of March 2019 (excluding the junior market), the BSE had 18 local listings and market capitalisation of Bds$7.09 billion, with cross listings to other Caribbean markets capitalised at Bds$1.15 bn.

Certificates for shares which are to be traded must be deposited with the Central Securities Depository (CSD) at the Central Bank of Barbados. The BSE remains a privately owned non-profit organization. In anticipation of the Caribbean Single Market, the BSE has rapidly been developing links with other regional exchanges, particularly those of Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.

The T+3 system is currently used by the Jamaica Stock Exchange, and it is the other exchanges in the region are also aiming to reduce the length of their settlement cycles.



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