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Barbados: Country and Foreign Investment


Barbados lies north of Trinidad in the eastern Caribbean. The land area which is relatively flat, covers 431 sq km. The tablelands rise in a series of terraces to Mount Hillaby at 336m. The area in the north east is rocky, eroded by a strong surf. There are no permanent rivers and the rest of the island is coral limestone. Natural coral reefs surround clear seas and beaches of white sand.

The climate is mild subtropical. December - June is the dry season, tempered by cooling north-east trade winds. The wet season is humid and hotter but still generally pleasant due to sea-breezes.

Barbados lies on the southern edge of the West Indian hurricane zone; recently no hurricanes have been reported. Sugar cane and food crops are cultivated in rural areas. There is a rich diversity of tropical flora. Natural wildlife has largely been displaced by sugar cane but a Wildlife Reserve was established in 1985.

The capital is Bridgetown, which is the only sea port. Other towns are Speightstown and Holetown; there is extensive coastal tourist development. The Grantley Adams international airport has direct flights to US, Caribbean and European destinations.



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